Download BioCyc Databases and Pathway Tools Software

We provide several types of downloadable materials for the BioCyc databases and Pathway Tools software.

Access to the website and to BioCyc data files requires a paid BioCyc subscription for all users, obtained from SRI. Access to BioCyc also requires that you create a free account after a certain number of page views, even if you are a subscriber.

Access to the Pathway Tools software by academic users requires a free license (see table at bottom of this page). For access by commercial users, a fee is required (see table at bottom of this page).

A comparison of versus Pathway Tools is provided here.

Download BioCyc Data Files

[Access to BioCyc data files requires (1) a license (see bottom of page), and (2) a paid BioCyc subscription (exceptions: access to the EcoCyc data files is free, although a license is required).]

The BioCyc web-based SmartTables facility can save you significant time in answering large-scale data analysis questions, and is significantly easier to use than downloading and parsing BioCyc files. See the SmartTables menu at

We provide the BioCyc databases (such as EcoCyc and MetaCyc) as collections of data files in several alternative formats including the following.

Click here for an exact listing of files provided and their formats. Note that these files are not in a format suitable for importing into the Pathway Tools software.

Download Pathway Tools Software/Database Bundle

[Access to Pathway Tools requires a license (see bottom of page) and is freely available to academic users and available for a fee to commercial users. Use of Pathway Tools with subscription-only BioCyc databases, whether obtained via the registry or via pre-built bundles, requires a paid BioCyc institutional subscription for all users. ]

The software/database bundle is a program you install on your computer (Mac, PC, Linux) that combines the Pathway Tools software with various pre-built sets of BioCyc databases. To use Pathway Tools with other PGDBs than the pre-built bundles we provide, you should download the bundle that is closest to your needs, and then download additional PGDBs from the PGDB registry using the command Browse PGDB Registry from the Tools menu. Pathway Tools functionality includes:

Programmatic Access to BioCyc Data

[Access to BioCyc data via APIs requires a paid BioCyc subscription (access to the EcoCyc data is free).]

We provide several APIs for accessing BioCyc data:

How to Obtain Downloads

A paid subscription is required to access the website and data files.

Pathway Tools and BioCyc databases are available through different license agreements; please choose the license below that is best suited to your needs.

Software & Data-File License Data-File License BioCyc Subscription
Materials Provided 1. Pathway Tools Software/Database Bundle (source code available by request)
2. BioCyc data files
BioCyc data files only Access and BioCyc data files
Licensing Speed Online license reviewed by SRI, usually within one business day Quick online licensing Purchase required
License Terms 1. Software is free to academics for research purposes; fee for commercial use
2. BioCyc data files: EcoCyc free; paid subscription for remainder of BioCyc
Requestors must use their email address associated with their institution
EcoCyc free.
Remainder of BioCyc: paid subscription for latest version.
Requestors must use their email address associated with their institution
Paid subscription
Obtain License click here click here click here